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European employee participation is growing

Is your business part of a multinational company? And does it have more than 1000 employees in at least two European member states? If so, your Works Council is almost certainly entitled to employee participation at a European level.

Since 1996, it has been compulsory to set up a European works council if your company meets certain criteria. In 2015, there are around 1000 European works councils. Working with you, SBI Formaat’s Since the very outset in 1996 we have been actively involved with EWC's. We wish to make the EWC successful. Where no EWC has yet been set up, we offer assistance in drawing up an agreement. We also help existing EWC's by means of training, support and advice.

The EWC-Service is for

  • you as a member of a Special Negotiating Body (SNB) or EWC;
  • your Works Council group in the company;
  • your central works council or the joint Works Councils within your company;
  • your SNB and your EWC;
  • the Select Committee of your EWC;
  • EWC committees.

The EWC-Service is pleased to help in giving all these groups a head start, enabling them to function better at a European level.

What the EWC-Service can do for you

  • clarify what the EWC can do for local employees;
  • systematically approach and guide the process from initiative to a fully-fledged EWC;
  • clarify the roles and tasks of national and European employee participants;
  •  improve the personal functioning of SNB/EWC-members in Europe;
  • stimulate the formation of EWC-groups and networks;
  • facilitate communication between EWC and central management;
  • facilitate communication between the EWC and the grass roots;
  •  conduct training in communication, cross-cultural and meeting skills for EWC-members
  • provide information on the environment in which the EWC operates;
  • give insight into how to deal with multicultural group processes;
  • teach how to make strategic use of the new European rights;
  • provide diplomatic skills.